Chris regularly speaks at conferences on various landlord and tenant matters at venues across the UK.

He is well known on the circuit and recently, for example, spoke at a series of 7 conferences for organiser Professional Conferences in front of a total audience in excess of 1,500 fellow professionals. Last year he presented a paper on PACT at the Arbrix Conference.

Topics on which he has spoken in the past include:

  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals
  • PACT
  • Lease regears
  • Valuation issues
  • Arbitration referrals
  • Acting as an expert witness

Chris has spoken for over 15 years at the professional conferences I organise for surveyors. The conferences are attended by many hundreds of surveyors and he is always extremely well received, hence why I continue to ask him to speak. He always scores very highly on the feedback forms which is due not only to his ability to impart the necessary information in a relaxed, easy to listen to style but also his understanding of the practical issues which the profession and clients face.

Michelle Tobias, Professional Conferences

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